This summer, some diabetes camps have had a few special visitors. American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox and Olympic Skier Kris Freeman have been talking to kids about following their dreams while living with type 1 diabetes. It’s part of the Lilly Camp Care Package which provides scholarships, education, ambassadors and insulin to diabetes camps.

Kris Freeman is hoping to make the Olympic Ski Team for the 5th time next year. He was told at diagnosis that he needed to give up his Olympic dreams. Instead, he’s on track to appear at his fifth Olympic games next year.

Crystal Bowersox was the runner up in American Idol in 2010, the 9th season of the show. Just out with a new album, she talks about why she comes back to the Friends for Life Conference and what she gets out of sharing her story with kids and adults with type 1.

We also profile Bike Beyond rider Jesse Lavine, talking food, college and why he decided to jump into this cross country adventure.

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