Neil Greathouse has a fantastic Instagram account (“The Betes”) where he posts videos of life with type 1 diabetes. It’s an entertaining look at the ups and downs of T1D, but Neil wasn’t always able to find humor in his situation. Diagnosed while in the very last stages of Air Force training, he had to put aside a life-long dream. Stacey & Neil talk about the path he wound up taking and how he’s used his creativity to help people along the way. Neil has also produced a short film: Type1Day1. In collaboration with Beyond Type 1 and released on Word Diabetes Day in 2015, it highlights the strength of the diabetes community.

Stacey also talks about a new summer NHL program for kids in Canada with type 1 and discusses the JDRF Walks in her area, happening this week.

Plus, a road trip to all the US National Parks to raise money and awareness around T1D.