The new Dwayne Johnson / NBC show the Titan Games premieres this week and body builder Chris Ruden – a previous guest who lives with type 1 – is one of the contestants. You may have seen him in the commercials, he wears a prosthetic arm.

Chris talks about how the mental burden of T1D and the challenges of being born with a shorter left arm and only two fingers led him to the incredible path he’s on now.  He’s got advice for all of us.

Listen our to 2017 interview with Chris here

Since our interview, Chris traveled to Uganda to help children with type 1 diabetes there. Learn more here.

Plus.. what is the T1D Fund? Have you heard about this from JDRF? Stacey talks to Karen Jordan from the Bay Area, CA JDRF Chapter about this newer way of raising money for research.

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This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider.

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1:30 Stacey Welcome / Explains social media, where to find the show and new sponsors who are keeping the show free

4:45 Interview with Chris Ruden

38:15 Stacey talks to Karen Jordan from JDRF about the T1D Fund

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