Happy Mother’s Day! This week, Stacey looks at motherhood &diabetes from two inspiring perspectives. Karla Reed is the motherof NASCAR driver Ryan Reed, diagnosed with type 1 when he was 17years old. Karla talks about what she’s learned in the five yearssince – a time when Ryan moved across the country to start hisNASCAR career, became a spokesperson for the American DiabetesAssociation and got his first big Xfinity win. Ginger Vieira is amom with type 1 diabetes; her little girl Lucy is 18 months old.Ginger shares her experience of a carefully planned and managedpregnancy. She’s now teaming up with her diabetes educator, friend,and fellow T1D mom, Jennifer Smith, to help other women with type 1who want to start a family. Stacey also shares a little bit abouthow a decision her mother made nine years ago, influenced the wayshe and her husband care for and think about her son’s T1D.