When the Miss America Competition gets underway on September 11, our eyes will be on Miss New Hampshire Caroline Carter. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10, her first passions were basketball and theater. Pageants came along later and she found great success, becoming Miss America Outstanding Teen New Hampshire in 2014 and then Miss New Hampshire 2016 in May.

Caroline talks to Stacey about wearing her diabetes tech (pump and cgm) during pageants and how she prepares for the long hours and constant travel. She talks about her friendships with Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson and Miss Idaho 2015 Sierra Sandison, both of whom have T1D.

You can vote for Caroline as the People’s Choice for the Miss America Competition in the link below. The winner of this voting moves onto the pageant finals.

Stacey also shares her advice for parents with children going back to school right now, including a letter/email she sent home to parents when her son was in elementary school.