It’s been 20 years since Nicole Johnson took the crown, becoming Miss America. That was just five years after she was diagnosed with type 1. At diagnosis, her doctors told her she was too sick to continue college, to pursue her dreams of being a journalist and to have a baby.  Nicole shares how she overcame that prediction to go on to finish school, compete and win pageants and to have a child a few years later. We’ll also talk about some controversy among the Miss American organization today.

Other Miss America contestants with type 1 include Sierra Sandison and Caroline Carter (click to listen to our previous interviews with them)

Plus, one small step toward a DIY Omnipod Loop. Learn more about OpenOmni.

Stacey also shares a recent issue with Benny’s insulin pump and what they did for a backup plan.

This podcast is not intended as medical advice. Please contact your health care provider with any questions.

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1:50 Stacey Welcome

2:45 Stacey talks about the official launch of Jesse Was Here for those who’ve lost a loved one to diabetes

4:15 Listen to Nicole win the crown in 1998

6:00 Interview with Nicole Johnson

53:15 Stacey talks about OpenOmni (you can also learn more about NightScout here and OpenAPS here)

56:10 Stacey shares their issue when Benny’s insulin pump wouldn’t charge

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