As we all wait for the release of the newest hybrid closed loop software, Stacey has some thoughts about what she hopes it’ll bring to her family’s experience.

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Episode Transcription

Stacey Simms  0:00

This episode of Diabetes Connections is brought to you by “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom, Real Life Stories of Parenting a Child With Type One Diabetes,” available now as a paperback eBook and audiobook, Learn more at Diabetes dash

Welcome to one of the minisodes of diabetes connections. I’m your host, Stacey Simms. And I started these shorter episodes this year, just so I could talk a little bit about stuff that interests me. We still have our weekly episodes every week that are longer and more interview based. But these are just little bits of topics one at a time, where I want to kind of share what’s on my mind and then hear back from you whether it’s in the Facebook group or elsewhere on social media. If you are new, we have a terrific Facebook group. It’s diabetes connections, the group, please reach out and join and you can always reach out via email. or other social media I am Stacey at diabetes dash connections calm. And today I want to talk to you about some thoughts on Control IQ, the new hybrid closed loop system from Tandem.


The emails for Control IQ were set to go out this week. So I’m sure there was a lot of online chatter and you know, scrambling for this and did you get your email and that kind of stuff? Did you get your prescription? And do you have it yet? And have you downloaded it? And I thought it would be fun to just take a moment before you know we start sharing our thoughts about Control IQ and trying it you know, just for the record, kind of to get this down. What are my hopes, what are your hopes for Control IQ and really for a lot of these hybrid closed loop systems and before I get into that, for the Hybrid closed loop systems systems. I think that your perspective on this has to depend on when you entered the diabetes community.

I know we have people listening who have been diagnosed for years and years, you know, 50 plus years, 60 plus years. And their perspective is going to be very different than someone whose child perhaps was diagnosed six months ago. So just as a reminder, my perspective is that of a parent whose child was diagnosed 13 years ago, at 23 months, who went seven years with no CGM, because frankly, we didn’t we didn’t really feel like it was accurate enough to put a second sight on my kid’s body. And by age nine, it really became his choice. And then when he chose to do it, I don’t think he’s taken it off for more than two days. You know, Maybe a beach trip here and there. But we really are huge fans of CGM. And he’s had a pump since he was two and a half. So that’s my perspective.

Look, I know this is not going to be perfect, right? I mean, all this technology has issues. But what I really hope but I am hoping for is not, you know, perfect numbers, right? I don’t think Benny’s A1C is going to suddenly go down to 5.8. And that’s not my goal. What I’m really hoping from Control IQ. What I’m really hoping we get from Control IQ is less stress, less of a mental burden on both of us, and more freedom for Benny. And let me just talk a little bit about that. Because I if you know me, and you listen to the show, we give him a lot of freedom. But a perfect example is he was at a wrestling tournament. I mean, he’s just off crutches recently, but the kid hasn’t missed a practice or a meet. He just really likes to go and be part of the team and they put him to work. He’s been Great, but he went to a trip where he was catching the bus at school at 6am. They took the kids, this was a Saturday, they took the kids about 45 minutes away. He didn’t get home until eight o’clock that night. They feed them on the road. It’s a lot of potluck. It’s a little bit of fast food, but it’s really nice. A lot of parents get together and make homemade stuff. And I pack lunches for Benny too, just because he likes to eat certain things. It’s not about diabetes really. and then you know, I try not to hover and check in all day. Obviously, I can see his blood sugar on the Dexcom and he’s responsible for remembering and taking care of himself.

And on a lot of these days, and this is this happens really just about every weekend during wrestling season, and usually once during the week they have a match after school to what generally has been happening is he’s bolusing after, because he’s not sure exactly what he’s going to eat, or he forgets, right, and that he’s kind of correcting a little bit late. So we haven’t had any really crazy highs. I mean, there’s one inset issue we had, but he’s been kind of floating up to like 210 to 215. And then I’m debating when do I text him because we do have an agreement, we, you know, that is well within my rights to text him, but at the same time, you know, I want to leave him alone. I don’t want I don’t want to burden him. So it’s been a little bit of a struggle and I’m really hoping for his Control IQ evens those numbers out, right, I don’t really expect it to take care of you know, if he forgets to bolus and spikes up to 400, which happens every once in a while and he come on, I don’t expect it to fix that. But if he’s bolusing as he’s eating or a little bit after, or he miscalculates carbs, right? I’m really hoping it helps with that. I’m hoping it helps with the excitement spikes and some of the adrenaline spikes from athletics. I don’t know what it’ll do with that. I’m optimistic but You know, we’ll have to see,

What I hear about all the time from people who have done the DIY loops is that they, they don’t necessarily have, quote, better control or more in range numbers, because a lot of people who do DIY frankly, I mean, they had really low A1Cs to begin with many of them. I know as you’re listening, you’re saying not me, okay, I’m just making a generalization stay with me. The point is that they may not see a huge difference in A1C or time in range, but they are seeing better sleep, they are seeing less work, right, more freedom. For Benny, with Control IQ and for everybody with Control IQ, I hope it means less work and less upstairs less mental burden. And for people who do have higher A1Cs, who maybe are newer to pumping or newer to CGM or maybe this is an opportunity for better education. I really hope that those people do see better health and do see better outcomes and do see better outcomes.

I mean, as you listen to this podcast, again, making a generalization Here you are, you know, the top educated people in the diabetes community, not necessarily because of this podcast, but we’ve done the research. People who listen to this show are extremely well educated, you’re seeking out more information, you’re in the Facebook groups, you’re reading stuff, right, you kind of know what’s going on. And if you tuned in to learn about Control IQ, just the fact that you know what it is called, and what it is, means you’re better educated than probably, I’m going to throw out a number that I’m making up 80% of people in the diabetes community, community, and those are the folks that if they have access to this technology, which is a whole other thing, story altogether, the cost the access, oh my goodness, the costs the access. I mean, I we must acknowledge that. But if they can get this, those people are going to see huge decreases I think in A1Cs and that’s really exciting stuff. Is this a solution? a cure? Of course not. And as I just touched on there, we have bigger issues, the cost of insulin, access to insulin access to this technology, education, education for endocrinologists access to endocrinologists for mostly for adults with type one diabetes, right? I mean, there’s so much going on here.

I didn’t mean to get off on a tangent, but my expectation for Control IQ is not that we’re going to see miracles. We already sleep through the night pretty well. But I’m hoping that he can continue to have the independence that I give him with more time and range with less nagging from me, you know, gosh, in the back of my mind, I’m really thinking about camp later this year. If you’re not familiar, Benny goes away to non-diabetes, regular sleepaway camp for a month every year. And he does really well. That’s a topic for another time, I probably will do a minisode on camp. But you know, he does run higher for that month. Some of that is our thinking is about safety. But most of that is about he’s a kid who’s basically responsible. He’s a kid. He’s basically responsible for his care 24 seven at this camp, and he will often bolus late or forget a correction bolus. I can’t wait to see what Control IQ does for him at camp. It’s gonna be really exciting.

All right. I know a bunch of you listening are thinking I’m not going to go with Control IQ. I’ve heard from many people who already see they’re going to wait and let it roll out. And then when all the bugs are done, they’re going to go ahead and take the plunge themselves. We plan to get it the minute it is available to us. Our endocrinologist, we just saw him at the very beginning of January. He said the prescriptions are in we are all set. So it’s possible by the time you hear this, that we already have it and we’re using it in Benny’s pump, although I doubt it will it will see and I’ll post in the Facebook group and I will give a review of course as soon as we possibly can. But man, I’m thrilled to think about this. And if you use another type of insulin pump and you’re still listening, you know of course insulin has its own system coming out. Medtronic has a new pump coming out there are more CGM is coming to market. There’s gonna be a lot more to talk about, of course when it comes to hybrid closed loops, but we’ve been waiting for this for a long time, you know, Those loops. But we’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and I’m so excited to see what it does for Benny.

And you know, Benny would probably be the first to tell you that I am the world’s worst diabetes mom. If you’d like to learn more about the book or about me, you can head on over to diabetes dash connections dot com and be sure if you’re new especially to check out our extensive archive of shows. You can search by keyword or by subject. We will be back next week with our regular interview longer episodes and those drop on Tuesdays. Beginning This month we have added transcriptions for every episode, and you can see those over at the homepage, just click on the individual episode homepage and scroll down and you will see the text of the episode. A lot of people have been asking for that I’m really excited to provide it to provide it.

Thank you so much for listening. I’m Stacey Simms. I’ll see you back here on Tuesday. Until then, be kind to yourself.


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