One Drop made a name for itself with a beautiful design; this summer it became the only diabetes devices in Apple stores. But founder Jeff Dachis says that the mission goes far beyond looking good.

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Jeff explains all that One Drop does and shares his frightening diagnosis story. We also talk about his past as an early internet innovator.

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00:00 What’s on this week?

Stacey welcome: Stacey mentions that two episodes ago she profiled Carson Wedding and said that she was the first person to use the DIY Omnipod Loop. As it’s hard to determine exactly who’s “first” in the DIY crowd (and not really necessary), Stacey corrects that assertion.

Interview with Jeff Dachis

Tell Me Something Good

Stacey shares a story about watching Law & Order with Benny – the episode was an awful one about using insulin in a very weird way.

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