Tom Brobson is JDRF’s National Director of Research Investment Opportunities. He was diagnosed with type 1 as an adult and has been involved personally in many artificial pancreas trials, the first of which had him hooked up to a computer in the hospital and not allowed to get up or go anywhere without a healthcare professional by his side. Of course, since then, the trials have included trials with equipment as small as a pump, CGM & smart phone.

Stacey recorded Tom as he gave a presentation at a local JDRF walk kickoff event. He talks about stem cell research, the artificial pancreas project and other advances in diabetes technology. He also talks about approvals and access.

In this episode, Stacey also talks about coughing for pain relief during shots and insertions. Really! We also share the adventures of people with T1D in the Arctic and in Alaska as this episode is released.