JDRF’s Chief Mission Officer Aaron Kowalski talks about what’s new and next in terms of research. He also gives us perspective on what’s come before including how JDRF helped fund the CGM and hybrid closed loop landscape that we’re all very familiar with now, but that almost didn’t happen.

Aaron explains what else JDRF is looking at these days, including glucose responsive insulin. He shares his family’s story as well – he and his brother both have type 1.

Plus.. how do you get rid of needles and Sharps containers? The rules aren’t the same in every state or even every city. Put your Zipcode in at this website and find out what’s recommended where you live.

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—– 1:30 Stacey welcome

4:10 Interview with Aaron Kowalski

52:30 Information about Sharps Containers from SafeNeedleDisposal——

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