JDRF’s President and CEO Derek Rapp joins Stacey for a wide-ranging interview. We talk about everything from stem cells to insulin prices to what JDRF is doing for adults with type 1. Rapp has headed up JDRF since 2014 and has a son with type 1. He shares his story and answers your questions.

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Note: This interview was taped before the Special Diabetes Program had been extended. SDP is the program that gives $300 million for diabetes research to the National Institutes for Health. Stacey & Derek talk about SDP and we left those questions in to give you a better idea of what the program is all about.

In our Know Better segment, Stacey gets personal about a health procedure she had recently and talks about self care. She references this article about stress and parents of children with chronic illness. And she explains how a colonoscopy can be a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. Really.

Plus, #DPodcastWeek wraps up with a promo for Diabetes Daily Grind’s Real Life Diabetes podcast. 


2:00 Stacey talks about her past involvement with JDRF and shares a story about Dr. Mark Parker (read here), the retiring head of her local endocrinology practice.

4:15 Interview with JDRF’s Derek Rapp

47:15 Feedback from last week’s episode. Should people with T1D be wary of marrying someone else with it? We got a comment about increasing the genetic risk for children with T1D and that sparked a great discussion in our Facebook Group.

50:00 Stacey talks about her recent health screening and stress among T1D parents


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