This week, diabetes educator Heather Lage has a daughter with type 1 and a son who’s tested positive through the screening service TrialNet. TrialNet offers a screening test that can detect markers for T1D called autoantibodies up to 10 years before diagnosis. What’s it like to know your child will get type 1 diabetes? What does her son think about it? Heather Lage shares her family’s story.

TrialNet’s ultimate goal is to learn enough about diabetes to prevent it. Many people who test positive are given the chance to enroll in clinical trials.

Also this week, a look at the 8th annual Diabetes Blog Week. Stacey talks with Karen Graffeo who started this event and has been amazed at the growth.

Plus, Stacey announces her partnership with Bike Beyond, a cross-country bike event from the people at Beyond Type 1. Stay tuned or more information and on the road reports from these incredible bikers, all of whom have T1D.