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It’s “In the News…” Got a few minutes? Get caught up! Our top stories this week include a new company called Luna Diabetes founded by some heavy-hitters in our community, a new #T1D telehealth study for underserved kids, improved life expectancy for people with type 2 and a look at 420 with diabetes.
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Hello and welcome to Diabetes Connections In the News! I’m Stacey Simms and these are the top diabetes stories and headlines of the past seven days. we go live on social media first and then All sources linked up at diabetes dash connections dot com when this airs as a podcast.
The news is brought to you by The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: Real Life Stories of Parenting a Child With Type 1 Diabetes. Winner of best new non-fiction at the American Book Fest and named a Book Authority best parenting book. Available in paperback, eBook or audio book at amazon.
Our top story is a very interesting LinkedIn post about a new company and product.. Luna Diabetes aims to fill in a big gap – overnight automated control for people who use smart insulin pens. They’re calling it A-I – automated injections, a way to combine the convenience of insulin pens with the clinical outcomes of automated insulin delivery – like Control IQ or Looping. Some heavy hitters here – the founders are John Show-lund Sjolund – founder of Timesulin, John Brilliant a co-founder of BigFoot biomedical and Sean Saint, founder of Companion Medical who made the InPen automated pen system. The release shows a little device but no real information yet. Is it an automated basal delivery system for overnights only? pivotal trial to start by the end of this year We’ll keep you posted..
A look at pediatrics in under-served communities shows most children are not meeting A1C goals. A new grant from the Helmsley Charitiable Trust will focus on expanding access through remote care. Many providers lack the money to set remote care up and use it effectively – telehealth systems and things like that. A large pediatric endo group in Buffalo, NY will work with Cecelia Health, a virtual first health care provider. They’ll work with about a thousand patients to explore how improving access to remote support and the internet to better manage chronic conditions will improve outcomes. This is along with existing diabetes technology like pumps and CGMs.

Big news for people with diabetes in Australia. The government has committed to subsidized access to continuous glucose monitoring and flash glucose monitoring technology for all people living with type 1 diabetes. Right now, people under 21 are already eligible as as women who are actively planning a pregnancy or are pregnancy. This agreement will make everyone eligible for just over 30-dollars a month. Right now it costs over 300-dollars a month. I’m going to link up info from the incredible Diabetes Australia advocate Renza Scibilia who’s been on the show before and who’s been working on this for more than ten years. Congrats Renza and all who will benefit.
Oh, happy day!
Not a big surprise but important information about improving life expectancy in people with type 2. New study shows reducing A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI makes a big difference. This was a University of Florida Gainesville study.. biggest improvement in all of these was reducing A1C from the highest in the study – about 9.9 – to the lowest about – 7.7 – added almost 4 years of life expectancy. These researchers say it’s very motivating to patients and clinicians to see these gains and it may help them choose treatment goals.
We’ve talked about One Drop before.. more than a meter, they now call themselves a digital coaching company. And a new evaluation from an independent, third-party found that One Drop’s support program effectively improves the health of people living with prediabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The program could also cut down on annual healthcare costs. This is from the independent Validation Institute, dedicated to providing unbiased, data-driven insights on health care solutions. The Validation Institute financially guarantees the program’s effectiveness. This means that people who follow the program properly but do not improve their blood pressure or A1C can file a claim with Validation Institute for up to $25,000.
Okay this newscast is going live on April 20th.. or 4-20.. There are a lot of questions about whether marijuana which is now legal in a lot of the US is okay to use if you have diabetes. I’m going to link up some information for you in the show notes.. But most of the information focuses on the slightly altered state weed can put you in.. for many that means being more relaxed but for some it may interfere with diabetes management in the moment. There’s nothing specifically good or bad about marijuana that I could find for people with diabetes. However there is a warning for any pregnant woman -children who were exposed to cannabis in utero may be at risk for obesity and high blood sugar later in life.

Cannabis and Diabetes: What You Need to Know

On this week’s long format episode, Dr Mark Heyman is a diabetes psychologist who lives with type 1. He has great advice for the most under-treated part of diabetes, the mental health aspect of it all. Next week you’ll hear from Civica RX – this is the company pledging to put out insulin without making a profit. We’ll hear why they think this will work and how soon it’ll be available for purchase.
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That’s In the News for this week.. if you like it, please share it! Thanks for joining me! See you back here soon.

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