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[podcast src=”” width=”100%” scrolling=”no” class=”podcast-class” frameborder=”0″ placement=”top” primary_content_url=”″ libsyn_item_id=”23596772″ height=”90″ theme=”custom” custom_color=”3e9ccc” player_use_thumbnail=”use_thumbnail” use_download_link=”use_download_link” download_link_text=”Download” /]Top stories in the news this week: researchers are testing an injection to help prevent type 1 diabetes while not harming the immune system, a new study looks at older adults and CGM use, help for pharmacists when it comes to prescribing CGM and a new group takes over the Lilly Diabetes Journey Award Medals. Plus, amazing feats of endurance from ultra athletes with type 1 diabetes.

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Hello and welcome to Diabetes Connections In the News! I’m Stacey Simms and these are the top diabetes stories and headlines of the past seven days.
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Interesting new study looking at preventing type 1. The drug, currently known as IMCY-0098, blocks the immune system response that is thought to be the trigger. Very early on here, the Oxford scientists who are part of the study say it will likely be at least ten years before they’ll be able to bring it to market, if it works. One of the most promising aspects is that the injection seems to only target production of cells that damage the immune system, so it doesn’t seem to affect the body’s ability to protect itself against other infections.
No surprise but glad this is being looked at. Older adults with type 1 diabetes using CGMs for the first time had lower A1Cs AND fewer lows. This study called WISDM – Wireless Innovation for Seniors with Diabetes Mellitus (WISDM) followed adults over 60 for six months. These researchers say the benefits of CGM combined with recently improved Medicare coverage should serve to increase adoption of CGM as standard of care in all adult populations, especially older people who are at increased risk of hypoglycemia.
New resource thanks to the Helmsley Trust. This is for pharmacists and it’s hoped it will expand patient access to CGMs. The release says Involving pharmacists in providing access is especially important for rural communities where they may be the most reachable healthcare professionals given the lack of diabetes specialists across the U.S. The guide was developed by the American Pharmacists Association and its Foundation
Looks like the Lilly Diabetes Journey Award Medals are getting a second life. As we reported back in January, after nearly 50 years, Lilly decided to end the program which gives a small medal for 10,25, 50 and 75 years of living with diabetes. The group Children with Diabetes – best known for putting on the Friends for Life Conference has taken it over. They’ll now be called the CWD Journey Awards. You don’t have to attend one of their conferences to get one and there is no cost. I’ll give you the link to learn more and order one.
The vets and keepers at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) diagnosed the first reported case of diabetes in a giant anteater.
Stephanie Mota, resident veterinary surgeon at RZSS said: “Keepers first discovered something was wrong when Nala was losing weight despite eating the same amount, or sometimes even more, than usual.
“We carried out a full health check under general anaesthetic, running lots of tests and found that Nala has type 1 diabetes.”
While the condition is known to occur in domestic cats, dogs and in tamanduas (Tuh-man-doo-uhs) in the wild, no other cases have been reported in giant anteaters. BTW a Tu-man-doo-uh is a smaller anteater and I spent far too much time today watching videos of them because I had never head of them and they are amazing.
Dexcom donated the CGM to the Zoo’s charity. The story I read here says. Due to her lovely personality, Nala is the ideal candidate for this technology which helps us, and her amazing team of keepers, manage her condition in the best possible way.
Right back to the news in a moment but first As I mentioned, The T1D Exchange Registry is an online research study, designed to harness the power of individuals with type 1 diabetes. It’s a research study conducted online over time, designed to foster innovation and improve the lives of people with T1D. Personal information remains confidential and participation is fully voluntary. Once enrolled, participants will complete annual surveys and have the opportunity to sign up for other studies on specific topics related to T1D. By sharing opinions, experiences and data, patients can help advance meaningful T1D treatment, care and policy Sign up at slash Stacey (that’s S-T-A-C-E-Y).
Some great stories from our amazing community. First, Sebastien Sassevile completed the world’s toughest ultra-cycling race, the Race Across America. It took 12 days and over 3-thousand miles. Sasseville who lives with type 1 basically spent 20 hours a day on his bike. He’s the first person with type 1 to finish this grueling race.

Don Muchow told us he was going to do it and the 60 year old has finished a 10k swim around Key West. I spoke to Muchow just after his 2021 Disney to Disney run – that’s Disneyland in California to Disneyworld in Florida and he alluded to doing this race next. I’ve linked up his race report blog.. it’s a very interesting read, especially how he treated a high blood glucose with more carbs. He came in second overall and first male in any age group.

60-Year-Old Iron Man Don Muchow Swims Around Key West for Diabetes Awareness

Event Report: Swim Around Key West (10K)

And finally, another former guest Dr. Nat Strand who works at the Mayo Clinic debuted a film she made with colleagues. It tells the story of what it is to be Black at Mayo Clinic, in healthcare, in America. Dr. Strand says, “By providing a platform for 12 courageous individuals to share their realities, we hope to move viewers toward active antiracism and start the conversation for many to continue.”


Next week you’ll hear from Katie who started a podcast when she didn’t hear the diabetes show she wanted.. that sounds familiar. You may know her online as Sugarmama Podcast. The long format episode out right now is all about the new documentary regarding stem cell research, talking to the director of “The Human Trial” i
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That’s In the News for this week.. if you like it, please share it! Thanks for joining me! See you back here soon.

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