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It’s “In the News…” the only LIVE diabetes newscast!
Top stories this week:
⭐Maine passes insulin safety net program
⭐MS Attorney General vs Insulin Companies
⭐Afrezza covered by Medicare
⭐D-Data Exchange news
⭐Looking ahead to ADA2021
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Episode Transcription below:


Hello and welcome to Diabetes Connections In the News! I’m Stacey Simms and each week I’ll share the top diabetes stories and headlines of the past seven days.  We do this live on Facebook so whether you’re joining me right now or watching or listening after, I’m here to get you up to speed quickly on what’s happening with diabetes technology, research, and our community. As always, I’m going to link up my sources in the Facebook comments and in the show notes at d-c dot com so you can read more when you have the time.


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first off.. want to give you a heads up that ADA Scientific Sessions is kicking off this weekend, so expect to hear studies from just about everyone in the space. I’ve got interviews lined up for the main show. There are usually some breakthroughs and – while you can’t really count on it – some FDA approvals seem to come out this time of year as well. Stay tuned and follow the hashtag #2021ADA .


Legislation news.. the Governor of Maine last night signed a new law creating an insulin safety net program in that state. It allows eligible Mainers to go to a pharmacy to get a 30 day emergency supply of insulin caped at $35. It’s modeled after a Minnesota law that was passed last year, the “Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act.”

Exactly what eligible means in this case it tough to find.. although it looks like everyone with type 1 who has less than a seven day supply – and – with some exceptions, can be used once every 12 months.


Mississippi’s Attorney General Lynn Fitch has filed a lawsuit against drug manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers she says are working together to manipulate and inflate insulin prices. She says, quote, “ As the mother of a diabetic, I know the emotional, physical, and financial toll the unconscionable price of insulin has on families,” These companies are exploiting the vulnerable. I’m fighting back because you should never have to decide between paying the ever-increasing price of insulin or compromising your care.”

The complaint alleges violations of the Mississippi Consumer Protection Act for unfair and deceptive practices as well as unjust enrichment and civil conspiracy.

Mississippi Attorney General Alleges Insulin Price-Fixing, Sues Makers


Starting next year, Afrezza inhaled insulin will be covered by Medicare.  It will offer all doses under the 2022 Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model.. capping the co-pay per 30-day supply at 35-dollars. Afrezza is the only inhaled ultra rapid acting mealtime insulin in the US. MannKind – the company that makes it – has other assistance programs. But this is the first time it’s covered by Medicare


Some updates on the The American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes. These include more information on heart and kidney disease in type 2 and the studies we’ve been talking about for a while about teplizumab. Those show THAT medication can delay onset of type 1 in high risk relatives of people with T1D.


DiabetesMine hosted it’s D-Data ExChange – a biannual gathering of leaders in diabetes technology and innovation. Organizers say the focus was on increasing access, expanding the market for tools like CGM to non-insulin users and consumers which has been a hot topic lately, and  building out education and support. Couple of interesting presentations.. including Waveform – a new 14-day-wear CGM with a rechargeable transmitter and reusable sensor insertion tool.

Levels – which is a consumer CGM product not just for people with diabetes and from Nudge BG – Diabetes inventor Lane Desborough’s new algorithm designed to slightly move or “nudge” basal insulin in response to CGM data.



quick break – want to tell you about one of our great sponsors who helps make Diabetes Connections possible.

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Back to the news…

Canada has passed an act to establish a national framework for diabetes. The idea is to improve prevention, management and research. Diabetes Canada developed Diabetes 360° in collaboration with more than 100 groups and individuals from across the country.

The World Health Organization recommends every country implement a national diabetes strategy-and since 2013, Canada has been without one


That’s Diabetes Connections – In the News.  If you like it, share it. And feel free to send me your news tips. Stacey @ diabetes dash connections dot com.

Please join me wherever you get podcasts for our next episode -Tuesday – it’s a bit up on the air right now.. but I am scheduled to take part in a news conference with Nick Jonas, who famously lives with type 1. I hope to bring that to you – and we’re sitting down with Dexcom’s CEO next week so if you have a question you want to ask, post it for me in Diabetes Connections – The Group.

Our current episode out right now is all about the PROTECT trial –hoping to slow down or even stop diabetes in the newly diagnosed.

Thanks and I’ll see you soon


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