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It’s “In the News…” the only LIVE diabetes newscast! Give us five minutes and we’ll tell you about:
⭐ATTD begins – what tech studies will be released?
⭐New info for hospital visits with diabetes tech
⭐Could a CGM also measure ketones?
⭐Another milestone for Tidepool
⭐T1D driver in the Indy 500
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Hello and welcome to Diabetes Connections In the News! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Stacey Simms and each week I’ll share the top diabetes stories and headlines of the past seven days.  Whether you’re joining me live on Facebook or watching or listening after, I’m here to get you up to speed quickly on what’s happening with diabetes technology, research, and a few fun stories from our community. Since these are headlines and summaries, as always, you’ll find all the sources and links in the Facebook comments and in the show notes at d-c dot com.


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here’s what’s In The News this week…

First, the annual A-T-T-D conference is going on right now. That’s the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes Conference. As it just started, we’re probably going to get a lot more info from the tech companies in the next few days. Stay tuned on social for big breakthroughs and announcements and we’ll wrap it up here next week.



Good News if you need to be in the hospital for some reason! The American Academy of Clinical Endocrinology has new guidelines that cover use of continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, connected pens, automated insulin delivery systems, telemedicine technologies, and smartphone apps. They also address safety considerations and special situations such as hospitalization. That’s really important because until now there has been NO official recommendation about letting patients handle diabetes management while in the hospital.

New AACE guidelines


Could a CGM also continuously measure Ketones? JDRF is supporting projects looking to develop that kind of device. Here’s what they say in their request for letters of intent: Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a dangerous acute complication of T1D that is insufficiently addressed or even sometimes exacerbated by current therapeutic options. To fill this gap, JDRF invites applications to develop continuous ketone monitor or C-K-M functionality in continuous glucose monitor (CGM) devices.

As I said, this is a request so we’re at the very beginning of this but WOW… that would sure beat peeing on a stick.

CGM and Ketone Monitor



Follow up from last week – an FDA advisory committee gave the go ahead for the first drug shown to prevent type 1 diabetes. Teplizumab will now go to the full FDA and could be approved in early July. Teplizumab isn’t something you do at home.. it’s injections given over two weeks in an outpatient setting. The FDA doesn’t automatically follow the advisory committee recommendations and may ask for more info or research. We’ll keep following.

Teplizumab follow up


A new National Institutes of Health study aims to improve gestational diabetes screening and diagnosis by better understanding blood glucose levels throughout pregnancy

During pregnancy there are changes in glucose metabolism but the details of these changes are unknown. The Glycemic Observation and Metabolic Outcomes in Mothers and Offspring study, or GO MOMs – will use CGMs to study more than 2000 women in their first trimester.

This is a follow up study to HAPO – which isn’t quite as fun a name.. which looked at high blood sugar during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes BG study


Tidepool adds Control IQ to their long list of viewable data. If you use Tandem’s t:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ™ technology, you can now view all of your data, including all of the unique hybrid closed loop events in your Tidepool account. Tidepool is awaiting FDA approval on their own Loop system and they also launched a unique – and in my opinion  – much needed period project to start tracking how menstrual cycles affect blood sugar in in people with diabetes.

Do you have a diabetes tattoo? News on who’s looking for it coming up

but first.. quick break – want to tell you about one of our great sponsors who helps make Diabetes Connections possible.

  • Inside the Breakthrough is a podcast that mixes historical wisdom with modern insight – it’s a science show that’s also entertaining. I love it. The latest episode talks about scientists who knew they were onto something but needed to see things with their own eyes. How actually seeing something like a Kraken? Makes a huge difference. It also meant a name change for what some thought had only been a myth. And this actually relates to diabetes! Listen to Inside the Breakthrough wherever you listen to podcasts..

Back to the news…

Indy driver Conor Daly led the most laps in the recent Indy 500 but another car’s crash took him out of the race. Daly lives with type 1 – he was diagnosed at age 14. Another driver left his pit before the 4th tire was secure – when it rocketed around the track, it crashed into Daly’s car. He wasn’t hurt but it took him out of the lead. Conor drives the No 20 Mannkind Chevrolet – the makers of Affezza are his sponsor.


From this week’s podcast episode! If you have a diabetes tattoo Banting House wants to see it! I spoke to the curator of the museum, know as the birthplace of insulin – it’s where Dr. Frederick Banting woke up with the idea that led to that great discovery. They are starting an exhibit “of ink and insulin” and they want to see your diabetes related tattoos. Of course, that link – and all the others in the Facebook comments and in the show notes at d-c dot com


That’s Diabetes Connections – In the News.  If you like it, share it. And feel free to send me your news tips. Stacey @ diabetes dash connections dot com.

Please join me wherever you get podcasts for our next episode -Tuesday – you’ll hear from college students ready to graduate or already there. What they want young adults -and their parents – to keep in mind.

Thanks and I’ll see you then!

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