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It’s “In the News…” Got a few minutes? Get caught up! Our top stories this week include headlines from the ATTD Conference – that’s the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes Conference. There’s a bit of new information about the Dexcom G7, Beta Bionics announces it will release pivotal trial results, and news of the first AID system using the Libre 3 is announced. Along with ATTD there’s news about type 2 diabetes and grocery stores, all types of diabetes and nursing homes and a person with T1D is on the cover of British Vogue.

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Hello and welcome to Diabetes Connections In the News! I’m Stacey Simms and these are the top diabetes stories and headlines of the past seven days. we go live on social media first and then All sources linked up at diabetes dash connections dot com when this airs as a podcast.
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This week ATTD begins – that’s the Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes Conference, so you can expect to hear a lot of news. I’ll include some here, some next week and we’ve got future interviews lined up with a lot of the companies making headlines..
First up, a peek at more features in Dexcom’s G7 system. It’s approved in Europe but not the US and features what they’re calling more meaningful alarms. You can silence more alarms, including urgent low & sensor fail for up to six hours, there’s also a new 12 hour grace period at the end of the 10-day sensor life. It’s already been announced the G7 has a much shorter warm up period, only half an hour, and is much smaller.

Also at ATTD, Beta Bionics will be releasing Pivotal Trial Results of the iLet Bionic Pancreas. The iLet is a pump – connected to a CGM that is designed to autonomously determine and deliver insulin doses to control blood glucose levels. You’ll recall this pump was originally designed to deliver both insulin and glucagon.. but the current iteration is insulin only. They says this pivotal trial population was more diverse and representative of the United States type 1 diabetes community than any previous pivotal trial of an automated insulin delivery system. We’ll have more info on what these trials actually said next week.
The first automated insulin delivery system using the FreeStyle Libre has been announced. This is in Europe and it’s the Libre 3, Ypsomed pump and CamDiab software system. Expected by the end of the year, this is described as a self-learning app, a hybrid, closed-loop system that runs on an Android smartphone and can be tuned to users as young as one year old
And a new consensus meeting on Time in Range. In 2019, diaTribe formed the Time in Range Coalition, whose goal was to ensure that Time in Range (TIR) becomes the primary glucose metric for daily management, complemented by A1C, in diabetes care globally. But there isn’t an internationally consensus on the use of CGMs in clinical trials. This meeting will help standardize those methods.
Other highly anticipated – or at least well-publicized- studies coming to ATTD include those from Tandem and Omnipod and almost every big diabetes tech company. Lots more to come next week and we already have interviews set with Dexcom and Beta Bionics to we’ll talk about all this in the long format episodes in weeks to come.
Overtreating type 2 diabetes is apparently very common in nursing homes.. which can be a big problem as people get older and may require changes. New study in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society show about 40% of nursing home residents with type 2 diabetes may be overtreated. These researchers say one big issue is that at admission, residents are given a very big medical work up, but that isn’t followed up on year to year. Often as people age, its recommended their A1C is maintained a bit higher, for safety reasons, so a target A1C could easily change years or even months after someone moves into assisted care or a nursing home.
Right back to the news in a moment but first we’ve got a new sponsor. As I mentioned, The T1D Exchange Registry is an online research study, designed to harness the power of individuals with type 1 diabetes. It’s a research study conducted online over time, designed to foster innovation and improve the lives of people with T1D. Personal information remains confidential and participation is fully voluntary. Once enrolled, participants will complete annual surveys and have the opportunity to sign up for other studies on specific topics related to T1D. By sharing opinions, experiences and data, patients can help advance meaningful T1D treatment, care and policy. Sign up at slash Stacey (that’s S-T-A-C-E-Y).
New survey looking at how people with diabetes rate their grocery stores. From D-Q&A this was a big survey, more than 5-thousand people statistically representative of all people with diabetes in the United States. They found more than half of people with diabetes did not feel very supported in maintaining their preferred eating habits at home. 28% of low-income people with diabetes find it somewhat or very challenging to find their preferred foods when grocery shopping. Stores rated best? Aldi, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, and Hyvee. The worst rated were BJ’s, Vons, Shaw’s, Ralphs, Tops & Randalls

Major Grocery Chains Failing to Meet the Needs of People With Diabetes

Last year she made big news by walking the runway with her Omnipod visible, this year Lila Moss is – we think – the first person with type 1 on the cover of Vogue magazine. She did an interview with them that’s on YouTube – I’ll link up the video. She says she has an Apple air tag attached to her Pod PDM. Going through her handbag essentials, she included glucose tabs and talked about how her diabetes is something she doesn’t keep hidden but just isn’t always visible. Just nice to see a matter of fact interview featuring type 1.

On this week’s long format episode, you’ll hear from Civica RX – this is the company pledging to put out insulin without making a profit. We’ll hear why they think this will work and how soon it’ll be available for purchase. Next week we’re talking about a new mental health conference for people with diabetes – it’s virtual so you can participate from anywhere.
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That’s In the News for this week.. if you like it, please share it! Thanks for joining me! See you back here soon.


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