Diagnosed with T1D in her 20s, Rachel Price admits she was in denial at first, insisting to her doctors there was nothing wrong. Now, she’s an advocate who stays positive but realistic. Rachel has three children and started a business called DiaBeTees selling t-shirts and other products with fun diabetes sayings and catchy slogans. 

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In our Community Connection this week, Dan Haddin is off for Teach for America, but not before creating some fantastic diabetes song parodies. Stacey plays his latest – a funny appeal to Nick Jonas.

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And in Tell Me Something Good, a day camp milestone and a hiker sets out to make his mark.

00:00 Tease/Open: What’s this week’s show about?

1:50 Welcome: Stacey talks about JDRF Children’s Congress coming up and talks about CWD Friends for Life later in July as well as her family’s plans for the rest of the summer.

5:45 Stacey’s interview with Rachel Price

32:40 Community Connection: Hear Dan Haddin’s T1D Sucker Parody

36:45 TMSG: Inspired by Isabella: Isa goes to gymnastics day camp, Mike Joyce will hike the Appalachian Trail and Cami is excited (and worried) about her son heading off to college.

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Follow Mike’s journey on the AT

41:30 Stacey talks about the presentations she’s doing at Friends for Life later this month and hints at something new coming up outside the podcast… stay tuned!


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