Diabetes devices, Dr. Korey Hood and a hamburger with no bun wrapped in lettuce

Pumps, CGMs and meters can help manage diabetes, but not a lot of thought goes into how they make us feel. New studies are looking at the mental side of diabetes.

Dr. Korey Hood is a clinical health psychologist and Professor of Pediatrics and of Psychiatry at Stanford University. He’s lived with type 1 since he was a young adult and has a lot to say, especially about teens with T1D.

In our Know Better segment, Stacey explains a new study about low carb and type 1 that was recently published in the Journal Pediatrics and written up in the New York Times.

And a few thoughts about Lilly’s new push into the device market and Stacey’s visit to their Diabetes Blogger Summit.


2:00 Stacey welcome, a few words about the Lilly Diabetes Blogger Summit

5:00 Interview with Dr. Korey Hood

54:30 Know Better: Low Carb – Pediatrics study (and Stacey has a few words about the takeaway here)

1:01:30 Take our Survey for a chance to win!

1:02:30 Stacey shares how Benny wore the Libre for a week as a dud


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