Loop – the DIY app that helps with automated insulin delivery – may become the first do it yourself diabetes solution to go to the FDA. But why did Tidepool decide to take on this challenge? Stacey talks to Tidepool CEO Howard Look about what this decision means, how it’s going to work and what it means for those interested in DIY but not willing to use out of warranty pumps or do a lot of programming ourselves. And of course we’ll explain what Loop actually is.

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A French company announces they’re a step closer to approval of their closed loop – we’ll talk about Diabeloop

And Pandora gets into the podcasting space. Diabetes Connections is one of the few shows selected for the first launch!

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1:30 Stacey welcome & explains Loop

6:50 Interview with Howard Look #wearenotwaiting

30:30 Diabeloop explained

35:00 Pandora and podcasts

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