It was supposed to be a vacation at the happiest place on earth, instead their daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at Disney world. But that’s when some unexpected good things started happening.

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Jim tells us the story – it was July last year – and explains how Disney  and a very cool Disney community – went above and beyond to help this family from Canada when they needed a little magic.

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Our episode with Len Testa all about using Disney math for type 2 diabetes (and Len’s great Disney advice)

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In our Community Connection, Stacey talks about dropping her son off at a month-long sleep away camp. She shares how she needed a lift and got it from her local D-mom friends.

And Tell Me Something Good! Scholarships for college students with type 1, a big thank you and a mountain milestone.


Show open: What’s on this week?

1:30 Welcome

7:10 Interview with Jim about his family’s experience when their daughter was diagnosed at Disney World

29:10 Community Connection: Stacey shares her experience dropping Benny off at “regular” sleep-away camp.

35:45 TMSG: Beyond Type 1 / Diabetes Scholars awards over 50 scholarships! Learn more here

A dad thanks the security guard that tracked down a diabetes bag left behind after a school trip.

Follow Project 50 in 50 on their quest to summit the highest spot in all 50 states.


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