Her videos bring humor, instruction and support to thousands of people with diabetes. Diabetic Danica, as she’s known, has more than 14-thousand subscribers on her very popular YouTube channel. But she wasn’t always in a place to help others. When diagnosed at age 11, Danica needed a lot of help herself. We’ll talk about how she got from that scared 11 year old, to being a registered nurse and all those subscribers today. 

In our community connection this week, we find out about Type 1 Diabetes Day at the Georgia State Capitol. Trip Stoner, who was diagnosed with T1D as an adult, talks about her effort to educate state lawmakers. She’s joined by Dr. Jonathan Ownby from Atlanta Diabetes Associates.

Stacey also talks about next week’s Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conference and a new post by Scott Hanselman called, “The Promising State of Diabetes Technology in 2016.”