This week, we get an update from Dexcom. I’m talking to the Chief Operating Officer about everything from their soon to be launched CGM for people with type 2, that’s called Stelo, to interoperability, connectivity and lots of your questions about G6, G7 and beyond.


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Episode summary (AI generated)

A new CGM product for people with type 2 diabetes.
Stacey Simms and Jake Leach discuss a new CGM product for people with type 2 diabetes, currently under FDA review.
Stello extends sensor wear to 15 days while maintaining accuracy and reliability for CGM users, regardless of insulin titration.
Stello aims to help people with diabetes understand how food impacts their glucose levels through a simple and user-friendly CGM device.

CGM for type 2 diabetes and payer coverage.
Jake Leach explains how the new CGM product will notify users of high glucose levels without alerting them to take insulin, providing valuable insights into food and diet impact on glucose levels.
Stacey Simms seeks more detail on the product and its potential for long-term use, expressing interest in education and training for users to fully understand and benefit from the technology.
Stacey Simms asks Jake Leach about the continuous use of CGMs, and Jake explains that the product is designed to be engaging and provide value continuously, with users learning and improving their diabetes management over time.
Jake also mentions that the company is working with payers to expand coverage for CGMs beyond Medicare, as it can be a challenge for people without insulin use.

CGM access, naming, and interoperability.
Stello is a cache pay product starting off affordable and competitive, with potential for reimbursement as evidence of benefits grows.
Jake Leach: Excited about new brand for Dexcom, with different design for new population, but still with expected performance reliability.
Jake Leach: G6 and G7 interoperability is a focus, with Omni pod integration and launch timing controlled by Dexcom.

G7 features and enhancements.
Jake Leach: Enhancements made to Bluetooth connectivity on G7 device, now available across channels and geographies.
Jake Leach discusses the company’s focus on improving sensor reliability and user satisfaction through ongoing software development and user feedback.
The company prioritizes features based on user feedback and releases them in a timely manner, with a dedicated team working on the Apple Watch feature.

Dexcom’s CGM technology and its potential for more widespread access.
Jake Leach and Stacey Simms discuss the evolution of G7, including its smaller size and reduced environmental footprint.
The company is working on a direct-to-watch submission and has validated alerts and alarms on the watch platform.
Dexcom aims to provide best CGM for users’ pump systems, partnering with multiple companies globally.
Jake Leach is passionate about expanding access to CGM technology for people with diabetes worldwide.


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