The Dexcom G6 has been on the market for just about one month. Stacey checks in with company CEO Kevin Sayer for a frank discussion about cost, sensor life and integration with pumps and wearable fitness devices like Fitbit. 

In our Community Connection this week, learn about “Previously Healthy.” This multi-media presentation aims to put a spotlight on the death of a North Carolina toddler whose family then pushed legislation called  “Reegan’s’ Rule”

Writer Michelle Boise from Beyond Type 1 joins Stacey to talk about how the article came together and what lessons were learned from this tragedy.

Andi in our Know Better segment, Novo Nordisk is pushing ahead in the stem cell/encapsulation market. 

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2:00 Stacey Welcome

5:00 One Touch #SmallVictories Campaign email:

5:50 Interview with Kevin Sayer

29:00 Stacey talks about her & Benny’s experience with the G6

32:00 Know Better – Novo Nordisk encapsulation update

36:30 Community Connection – Interview with Michelle Boise from Beyond Type 1: Previously Healthy


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