This week – Dexcom’s CEO is back to answer your questions. Kevin Sayer shares lots of news from the recent ADA Scientific Sessions as well as more information about the new G6 transmitter expected later this year.

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Sayer also shares news about Dexcom’s role with current hybrid closed loops, answers your questions about Medicare and updates to Follow and touches on when we might see the G7 and when we’ll stop seeing the G4.

Learn more about the top research from ADA 2019 

In our Community Connection, a new resource to help you find the best pump, CGM and other diabetes tech for you. It’s called DiabetesWise, an initiative from the Stanford School of Medicine funded by the Helmsley Charitable Trust. 

And Tell Me Something Good is all about research that could help the entire diabetes community. Learn about a new prevention study from Trial Net that delayed the onset of T1D for two years.


00:00 Open: What’s on the Show This Week?

1:35 Stacey Welcome – Benny’s was at camp when Stacey taped this episode (he’s back now and had a blast – more on that next week). More about the transcriptions that started going out last week. Sign up for the newsletter to start receiving these monthly “extras.” And Texas Roadhouse restaurant is helping JDRF – donating proceeds from their online gift cards. But this ends June 30th so click here to find out more. 

5:45 Interview with Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer

42:45 Community Connection all about DiabetesWise

45:35 TMSG: TrialNet’s Teplizumab prevention study

Previous interviews with Dexcom:

CTO Jake Leach – Feb 2019 focuses on Apple “Hey Siri” update and more on trouble shooting G6 sensors

CEO Kevin Sayer – Jan 2019 focuses on G6 rollout, NYE Share/Follow outage and listener questions

CEO Kevin Sayer – May 2018 focuses on G6 launch and Dexcom wearable integration

CEO Kevin Sayer – March 2018 Dexcom G6 Approved

Former CTO Jorge Valdes- June 2017 Apple watch integration discussion, G5 for Android, Dexcom company discussion 

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