Actor Derek Theler will star in the upcoming show Marvel’s New Warriors, a dream come true for him. We talk to Derek about growing up with type 1 and moving to LA to pursue his career, which included a 5-year run in the show, Baby Daddy.

Derek shares how he and his sister who also has T1D grew up without diabetes role models and how that fueled his desire to be one now. He explains how his Baby Daddy audition was almost ruined by a persistent low blood sugar and shares a few funny commercials he starred in before his big break (including Kayak and State Farm).

Plus, a follow up on the Insulin4Life protest, which garnered some national coverage and more help for those devastated by this month’s two hurricanes. (Learn more about how to help here)

Lilly helps Hurricane victims.

Article about T1TexasArmy (Dr. Stephen Ponder) 

In our shoptalk segment.. meet Amy Burrows and Becky Marval from Connected in Motion and Emily Imblum from Pump Peelz..


4:30 Help for Hurricane Harvey & Irma

7:15 Update: Protesting the price of insulin

11:30 Derek Theler interview

46:00 Shoptalk: Connected in Motion

51:00 Shoptalk: Pump Peelz


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