What would you say if you could thank the man who woke up with the idea that led to the discovery of insulin?

Let’s find out!

Earlier this year, I interviewed the curator of Banting House. That’s the museum within the house where Sir Frederick Banting had his incredible eureka moment.

You can listen to the episode or read the transcript here

We learned that the museum has an exhibit called “Dear Dr. Banting:”

“Has the discovery of insulin and diabetes affected your life somehow? We invite you to come into Banting House and leave a “Dear Dr. Banting” note in his bedroom. People leave messages from all over the world in all different languages, alphabets, and scripts.”

I immediately thought about what I would write. Being a podcast host, I then started thinking about what I would SAY. What would any of us say to the man who had the idea that has saved so many lives?

Send me your “Dear Dr. Banting,” audio!

It’s easy, I promise. I’ll collect and play the responses during November’s episodes.

-Use whatever recording software you have in your phone right now. You could download something fancy, but your phone’s built-in voice memo app is just as good.

-DO NOT WORRY about being perfect and don’t even think about editing the audio. I’ll clean it all up. Feel free to stop and start, say “ummmm,” whatever. I promise, we’ll make you sound great.

-Consider writing out what you want to say. This might be from the heart but it’ll be much easier if you write and then read an actual letter. Or at least bullet points.

-This is OPEN TO ANYONE in the diabetes community. It’s about being thankful for insulin, not about one type of diabetes. I’d love to hear from people and children with diabetes and those who love them.

-Please try to record somewhere quiet! Your car is fantastic, so is a closet. Anyplace will work as long as there isn’t a lot of background noise. Please, no coffee shops, outdoor spaces (wind/birds/kids), etc.

-Start the recording this way:

Kids: “Hi, my name is ______ (First name or nickname only, please), I’m ___ years old and I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was ___.

Adults: Hi, I’m _____ (last name optional), and I was diagnosed with ____diabetes when I was ___ years old OR my child was diagnosed with diabetes in ___ (year) OR at ___ years old.

-Keep it to one minute or less.

-Once you’re finished recording you’ll be able to email it right from the voice mail app in your phone. Send it to: stacey@diabetes-connections.com subject: “Banting” If you have any issues recording, or any questions, please drop me a line there as well.

If you need inspiration, visit the virtual Banting House exhibit 

Deadline is September 30, 2021

Thank you all so much! And thank you, Dr. Banting!

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