This season of American Ninja Warrior, keep an eye out for Colt Scott! Diagnosed with type 1 as a baby, Colt has been a course tester for ANW for 4 years and just recently got the call that he made it to the show. 

Colt talks about being a sudden role model – he really just found the diabetes community – and takes us behind the scenes of ANW.

In our Community Connection this week an update on what’s now called the Thrive Medical Alert Necklace (formerly Glucose Revival) and how you can get yours

And Tell Me Something Good! A strong drive to succeed leads to a terrific honor for a teen.

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1:30 Stacey welcome – she mentions Friends for Life in Seattle

3:45 Interview with Colt Scott

39:00 Community Connection: Thrive Medical Alert Necklace

(listen to our previous episode with inventor Kris Maynard)

41:00 Tell Me Something Good: Sydney is named Camp Sweeney Camper of the Week due to being accepted at the University of North Texas’s prestigious College of Music.  Use this link to get one free download and one free month of Audible, available to Diabetes Connections listeners!  —– Sign up for our newsletter here Get the App and listen to Diabetes Connections wherever you go!

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