CNN Correspondent & author Oren Liebermann has quite an unusual diagnosis story. He found out he had type 1 while on an around-the-world adventure with his wife. Oren shares how he found he had type 1 in Nepal, how long it took back to get back to the US and why he decided to write “The Insulin Express.”

The College Diabetes Network is out with something new. Find out about You’ve Got This: A Guide for Newly Diagnosed Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes.” Stacey speaks to Deja Gibson and Andy Zieger about why something like this is needed.

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After weeks of travel and months of work, the Bike Beyond Documentary is unveiled!

Plus, Beyond Type 1 celebrates Dr. Frederick Banting’s birthday. Sign a card and help others in need.

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3:00 Stacey talks about World Diabetes Day Twitter Chat, organized by Diabetes Social Media Advocacy.  Search the hashtag #WDDChat17

4:15 Bike Beyond the Documentary & Beyond Type 1 celebrates Dr. Banting’s Birthday.

7:55 Stacey talks about her former co-anchor Jeff Glor, now anchor of the CBS Evening News (should she post old publicity pics?)

10:30 Interview with CNN’s Oren Liebermann

42:00 Interview with College Diabetes Network’s Deja Gibson & Andy Zieger

59:30 Shoptalk with TrialNet’s Annie Abraham (Stacey shares her family’s story as well)


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