Every two years JDRF brings 150 children to Washington DC to tell their stories to members of Congress. This week, you’ll hear how Children’s Congress works, who attends and what this event means for families who participate, even years later. There’s so much going on in this episode, we broke it down by time code below!

We also continue our look at Bike Beyond, an epic cross country adventure from Beyond Type 1. 20 riders with type 1 diabetes traveling from New York to California all summer long.

5:10 Silvi Pold, diagnosed type 1 at age 8 is the social media and activities coordinator for Bike Beyond. Silvi shares why, as someone who loves outdoor adventure, even she thought a team of T1D bikers riding cross country was an “audacious” goal.

21:30 Alisa Norris, Chief Marketing and Communications Office at JDRF and a mother of two T1D sons explains how JDRF Children’s Congress got started and what happens during the 3 day event.

36:00 Brec Bassinger is best known for the title role in Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bulldogs.” She’s also starred in TV’s “The Goldbergs,” “School of Rock,” and co-stars in the upcoming feature movie “Status Update.” Brec is attending JDRF CC as a special guest this year. She talks about what helped her pursue her dream of acting after a T1D diagnosis at age 8. Stacey’s son Benny sits in on the interview – he and Brec swap some Nick Jonas stories!

55:30 Lauren Stanford attended JDRF CC at age 11 as a delegate and again two years later as Kid Chair. Lauren shares how much the experience meant to her then and how it’s influenced her as she pursued a career in Washington, DC.

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