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Learn about the Abbott Freestyle Libre, a Flash Glucose Monitoring System recently approved in the US. We talk to Dr. Chris Thomas, the director of biosensor technology for Abbott about what exactly the Libre is, how it works and who it’s for.

Plus, Bigfoot Biomedical is now partnering with Abbott to use the LIbre in their automated insulin delivery system. We talk to CEO Jeffrey Brewer to find out how what this means and what’s on the horizon for Bigfoot. Good article on the partnership here from DiabetesMine.


You’ll also hear from Steve Hanley of KNOW Foods. Stacey wanted to speak to him after he donated all the bikes to the riders of Bike Beyond and wound up learning all about this new company. You can read more about KNOW Foods in this Sweet Life column by Kerri Sparling.

Stacey also shares her take on overnight school fields trips; Benny recently spent three days away with his school. We also address the closure of Animas, what that means to the podcast, Stacey & her family and to customers. Learn more from Animas here. 


3:00 Stacey talks about Animas

8:00 Stacey talks about Field Trips

15:00 Interview with Chris Thomas, Abbott

33:00 Interview with Jeffrey Brewer, Bigfoot Biomedical

1:19:00 Interview with Steve Hanley, KNOW Foods


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