Moira McCarthy, Stacey Simms, and Kerri Sparling on stage at Moms' Night Out

At Moms’ Night Out Providence, I was part of an Ask Us Anything panel that included Moira McCarthy and Kerri Sparling. We had a lot of fun on this panel and a lot of fun at MNO period. If you’re wondering what this event is all about, I think this panel will give you a lot of insight. It’s serious, and humorous, I hope helpful, and it’s all peer to peer – we’re not doctors.

Moira McCarthy’s daughter, Lauren, was marking 26 years with T1D during this event! Moira is a ski, adventure and travel writer. A JDRF International Volunteer of the Year and author of six books including, “Raising Teens with Diabetes.” Her blog Despite Diabetes helped me a lot and she’s left it up as a resource.

Kerri Sparling is a writer, poet and speaker who has dedicated her life to the power of the patient narrative. Best known for the blog and book, “SixUntilMe,” she is the author of “Balancing Diabetes” and “Rage Bolus and other poems.” Kerri has lived with type 1 for 37 years.

Our next MNO is in Charlotte in February

This podcast is not intended as medical advice. If you have those kinds of questions, please contact your health care provider.


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