Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for children with type 1 diabetes or their parents. Moira McCarthy & Stacey are back with Ask the DMoms. They answer your questions about all those bags of candy, lows while kids run around the neighborhood, pumps and d-tech under costumes and much more.

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In Tell Me Something Good: A good beat and a follow-up that lets us say yes to the question.. is there a doctor in the house?

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Listen to our previous episode with Kelly Kunik dignosed as a child on Halloween.

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00:00 Show Open: What’s on this week?

1:40 Stacey welcome: Thanks to Friends for Life Falls Church! The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom is available for pre-orders! It will be on Amazon Nov 3

5:20 Ask The D-Moms: Halloween

35:30 Tell Me Something Good: Blindfolded Drummer & Dr. Heather Walker 

38:30 Where’s Stacey Going Next?

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