Dear DMoms is back, answering your questions about when it’s time for T1D kids to be more independent, worries about camp and handling judgmental friends. In this monthly segment, Stacey and Moira McCarthy share their experiences to help you through diabetes parenting.

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Moira shares what her medical crisis has taught her about diabetes.

Plus, a Caravan to Canada – going across the border to get cheaper insulin. Activists Lija Greenseid and Quinn Nystrom give us a report on their way back home to the US.

More info on the Caravan here

Newsweek article here

Previous interview with Lija about traveling the world with T1D

Previous interview with Quinn

And in Tell Me Something Good, a graduation that is well earned and a long time coming. A diabetes social media advocate who got her cap and gown. Congratulations to DSMA founder Cherise Shockley!


2:00 Stacey Welcome

5:20 “Dear D-Moms” Stacey & Moira answer your questions

51:30 Community Connection: Caravan to Canada

1:07 Tell Me Something Good: Congratulations to DSMA founder Cherise Shockley on her college graduation!

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