Amy Tenderich is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of DiabetesMine, one of the oldest and most respected diabetes blog sites. Ten years ago, she wrote an open letter to Steve Jobs about diabetes technology. The letter went viral and Amy turned that energy and feedback into an international crowd-sourcing competition called the DiabetesMine Design Challenge. That led to the influential annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit, and a biannual meeting of tech developers called the DiabetesMine D-Data ExChange, which is happening again June 9.

Stacey & Amy talk about what prompted her to write that letter and what she thinks has changed most since that time. Amy also shares her personal story, she was diagnosed as an adult in 2003, and explains what the D-Data ExChange is all about. #wearenotwaiting

Also this week, Stacey shares a follow-up about a previous Community Connection, Willl’s Way. We talk about getting diabetes gear to stick in the summer sweat and wet (listen to the episode referenced here) and get ready for Bike Beyond. Diabetes Connections is partnering with the folks at Beyond Type 1 to bring you stories from an epic cycling trip from NY to San Francisco.

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