You saw him on American Idol, now Jackson Gillies is using his spotlight to educate not only about type 1 diabetes but about another, more rare condition he’s lived with since he was 13.

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It’s a painful skin condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa or HS.  It’s not as rare as first thought, but most people with it are too embarassed to seek help. Jackson is trying to change that. Of course, we’ll also have some fun talking about American Idol.

Check out Jackson’s TedX Talk here

Here’s his American Idol Audition

Information on the Auto-Immune Protocol Diet Jackson mentions

Plus.. you’ll hear from Benny this week – we talk about the changes made in management and the really great results we’ve seen. Stacey’s son switched to an untethered regimen last fall using long acting Tresiba with their insulin pump and his A1C has come down significantly.

More on untethered with Dr. Steve Edelman

Previous episode on Benny switching to untethered – Stacey marked his 12 year diaversary with that information and more.

And in Tell Me Something Good – family diabetes camp and some volunteer efforts outside the T1D community.


1:30 Stacey welcome – she shares some of Benny’s progress

4:00 Interview with Jackson Gillies

30:00 Stacey interviews Benny

44:30 Stacey talks in more detail about the untethered regimen

50:51 TMSG

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