This week we take a deep dive into low blood sugar. A frank talk about what hypoglycemia means.. what the dangers are, how to treat and more.

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Stacey talks to Shannon Johnson, a CDE who lives with diabetes herself. Shannon was diagnosed with LADA in hear early 20s and she’s now a Certified Diabetes Educator and trains her patients on pumps and CGMs.

Plus, we’ll find out about the TCOYD conference – the first one for people with diabetes and not just medical professionals. Taking Control of Your Diabetes is marking 25 years. Stacey talks with founder Dr. Steve Edleman who was diagnosed as a teen.

And in Tell Me Something Good – huge news from the DIY community. You can now Loop with Omnipod.

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—-  1:45 Stacey welcome – her daughter is graduating high school soon, she’s going to two conferences in May: TCOYD in Raleigh and Take Control of Your Diabetes in Orlando.

7:30 Interview with Shannon Johnson, CDE

32:00 Community Connection with Dr. Steve Edelman, TCOYD Founder

46:00 TMSG: Omnipod Loop

52:25 Stacey continues her thoughts about the Hulk and diabetes after seeing Avengers Endgame (very mild spoilers) Use this link to get one free download and one free month of Audible, available to Diabetes Connections listeners!  —– Get the App and listen to Diabetes Connections wherever you go!

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