We take an in-depth look at insulin pumps this week. It’s the second part in our series, Diabetes Connections Extra where we do a deep dive into one topic. 

Stacey talks to endocrinologist Dr. Jonathan Ownby about what a pump does, how to get the most out of one and what questions to ask.

Insulin Pump basics 

In our Community Connection, a high profile look at type 1 and heart disease as TV and radio personality Carson Daly shares his family’s story on the Today Show

Plus, Tell Me Something Good featuring a new baby and a good liar.

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1:30 Stacey Welcome – she talks about interoperability and whether that comparable to Mr. Potato Head. Stacey shares Info about Tandem’s new ACE designation by the FDA and more about Open Omni.

7:20 Stacey talks about the history of the insulin pump

9:30 Interview with Dr. Ownby

47:00 Stacey talks about Carson Daly’s effort to educate people with type 1 about their risk of heart disease

51:00 Tell Me Something Good: Shelby Daniel’s mom shares why her daughter is a good liar! You can see more about Shelby and the Savage Race she completed here.

And congrats to Moira McCarthy on the birth on her second granddaughter!

54:00 Stacey asks about emotions when it comes to parenting and diabetes and share some changes she’s seen in herself lately.

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