Recently, the FDA approved the very first stable liquid glucagon, brand name GVOKE, and as it’s showing up in pharmacies and becoming more available, we wanted to learn more about it.

After all these years.. it’s amazing how we suddenly have two new options on the market. The orange or red box glucagon most of us have held onto since diagnosis was approved back in 1961!

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This is the second FDA approval for a next-gen improved glucagon, in 2019,  following the recent FDA Approval of Lilly’s nasal glucagon, Baqsimi.

The company that makes Gvoke is called Xeris. Stacey talks to CEO Paul Edick and senior VP Ken Johnson.

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Gvoke info:

Main website from Xeris

Savings & Support from Xeris 

Disclosure: Stacey has received compensation and travel reimbursement as an adviser to Xeris at previous events. No compensation was asked for or provided for this interview (or any Diabetes Connections interview).

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