Actor Austin Basis

Austin Basis, best known for his role on TV’s Beauty and the Beast, navigates a Hollywood career while living with type 1. Now he wants to reach kids with a new comic book about high school kids with disabilities who are secretly superheroes. Austin tells us about The Kinetix and how he and a few friends came up with the idea. Now they have a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen.

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We also talk about growing up type 1 with a dad who owns a candy store, what made Austin want to pursue acting and how he manages diabetes on set and during auditions.

Austin interviewed actress Brec Bassinger for the 2017 People to Know issue of Diabetes Forecast Magazine. Brec was just on Fear Factor and we spoke to her last year as she attended JDRF’s Children Congress.

In our Know Better segment, diabetes camps for grownups! Find out what Beyond Type 1 and Connected in Motion are offering up, as well as a Survive & Thrive summer program in New Jersey at Camp Nejeda.

And Stacey shares a bit about upcoming travels, including disclosures about JDRF Summits and the Lilly Blogger event coming up this week.


2:00 Stacey welcome and preview clip of Brec Bassinger on Fear Factor

5:00 Interview with Austin Basis

48:00 Stacey talks about summer diabetes camps for grownups

53:00 Stacey talks about conferences and disclosures


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