Did you ever wish you had a Geek Squad on call for diabetes tech issues? Like one of the big box store helpers. David Panzirer with the Helmsley Trust wants to make it happen, starting with CGMs.

David explains why he thinks this will work, who will pay for it, and shares his story; two of his three children live with type 1.

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Plus.. catching up with Bigfoot Biomedical’s Lane Desborough about their subscription model. Stacey also has information about Bigfoot’s new agreement with Lilly Diabetes. 

And Tell Me Something Good! Going from DKA to IronMan in just one year?! You’ll hear Lauren Dahlin’s fantastic story


1:30 Stacey welcome includes a bit about our trip to Israel (more here from Stacey’s FB Live)

5:30 Interview with David Panzirer

Take action – text the word “CGMChamps” to 555-888 or log on to www.cgmchampions.org

35:25 Stacey talks about Lilly & Bigfoot’s new announcement

38:45 Interview with Lane Desborough #wearenotwaiting

55:30 Tell Me Something Good all about Lauren who went from DKA to Ironman

58:30 Stacey just attended the JDRF Greater Western Carolinas Summit – contact us if you’d like her to speak at your event


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