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Dr. Jordan Pinsker, a white man with dark hair, is pictured

“The most options possible” – Tandem Diabetes plans for a second integrated sensor and a smaller pump

When the FDA cleared the 3 FreeStyle Libre 2 and FreeStyle Libre 3 (iCGM) system sensors for integration it meant a big leap forward to interoperability. For the first time in the US, insulin pumps can work with two different sensors.. Libre and Dexcom. This week, Stacey talks to Dr. Jordan Pinsker, medical director for…

Ginger Vieira, a white woman with brown hair, smiles in this photo

T1D is an “All Day Game, Every Day” – Author & Advocate Ginger Vieira

Ginger Vieira is here to talk about her new book – she’s written on everything from pregnancy with diabetes to exercise to her new series of children’s books. But she’s such a well-versed advocate, I had to ask her about her work at the T1D Exchange and all about her use of Afrezza. Why does…

In the news logo featuring a bottle of verapamil pills, an older woman scans her sensor with a cell phone, Libre 3 system displayed

In the News.. Insulin price update, Libre approved for AID systems, Medicare expands CGM coverage and more!

It’s In the News, a look at the top stories and headlines from the diabetes community happening now. Top stories this week: learning more about Lilly’s plan to lower the price of some insulins, Abbott’s Libre 2 and Libre 3 get FDA approval to work with automated insulin delivery systems like Control IQ and Omnipod…

William Troutman in a hospital chair receives IV treatment. He holds up seven fingers to mark his seventh day of treatment.

Delaying a T1D diagnosis with Tzield: “A deep sigh of relief, for a little while”

Last fall, Tzield was approved to delay type 1 diabetes in people predicted to develop it. This week, I’m talking one of the first families to use what used to be called Teplizumab for their son, as a regular patient, outside the clinical trials. How exactly does this all work? Who’s eligible and how do…

Dexcom's Jake Leach featured next to a box with the G7 logo and product

“We want to continue to push it forward” Dexcom’s Jake Leach on the G7 release

Dexcom’s G7 has been available in the US for less than two weeks, but the company continues to look ahead. Part of the future? Their Type Zero group – which created Tandem’s Control IQ – is working on a truly closed loop system. Chief Operating Officer Jake Leach spoke to Stacey from the recent ATTD…

Phone and watch displaying the Diatech Smart Fusion occlusion detection system

SmartFusion™ is a new way to detect & predict infusion set failures

Infusion sets have always seems like the weak link of pumping for us. What good is the best algorithm and state of the art pump and CGM if the way it all attaches to the body is no good? New information shows infusion failures happen more than you may think. John Wilcox’s company, DiaTech Diabetes,…

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Stacey Simms is back with more heartfelt stories and honest advice about raising a happy, healthy child with type 1 diabetes. Stacey’s son was diagnosed just before he turned two. He’s in his senior year of high school now! In her sequel to the award winning “World’s Worst Diabetes Mom,” Stacey takes on the challenge of giving a child with diabetes more independence while keeping them safe and happy. It’s not easy, but you are not alone!

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Behind the Scenes with Stacey

Stacey Simms is the host and producer of Diabetes Connections. She’s also an author, speaker, and voice-over artist. Stacey spent more than 20 years in local TV and radio broadcasting, mostly working very early morning hours.

Stacey’s been sharing her family’s story with type 1 diabetes since her son’s diagnosis in 2006. Read her blog, find speaker reviews and audio samples at our partner website.

Photo of Stacey Simms during an interview

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